JRD Tuning is one of America’s top all-inclusive custom design house and coach builder. Through a combination of old fashioned craftsmanship and cutting edge modern technology, JRD Tuning has a proven track record of creating highly specialized and truly unique vehicles for their clients.

With over 20 years of custom cars bearing their name, JRD has created a wide range of custom automobiles including, but not limited to, prototypes for leading car manufacturers, SEMA show vehicles, as well as numerous one-off builds for high profile celebrities and car enthusiasts looking for their dream car. As part of the Panoz Motorsports powerhouse, JRD Tuning has all imaginable technical resources at its finger tips.



• 3D Cad
• 3D Scanning and measuring
• Suspension Analysis and Simulations Software
• 3D Printing
• Fully Equipped Metal Fabrication Shop
• Surface Plate
• Water Jet
• Fully Automated Machine Shop
• Composite Shop with Auto Clave
• Fully Equipped Engine Shop with Engine Dyno
• Upholstery Shop
• Touch Less Tire installation up to 26 inches



• Custom Coach Work and One-Off Steel Wide Body Conversions
• Original Restorations and Resto Mods
• Suspension Design and Engineering
• Brake Performance Upgrades
• Engine Performance Upgrades
• Prototypes from idea through engineering, to fully functioning vehicles
• Development of composite body kits



For more information or to enquire about our services, please contact us. For more pictures and ideas, check out our gallery.