JRD (Johan Ragnarsson Design) can be traced back to the mid eighties and the town of Alvesta in Sweden where newly graduated engineers and long time friends, Johan Ragnarsson and Niclas Jancic spent every free hour building rally cars out of Johan’s father’s sheet metal shop. In 1993 Johan decided to make his hobby a business and loaded all necessary equipment on a ship with a destination of Florida, USA.

Six years and hundreds of globally recognized custom cars later, Johan was asked to join Panoz in the development of the new Panoz Esperante road car. At this point the JRD shop was re-located to the Panoz factory facility in Hoschton, Georgia. It wasn’t long before Don Panoz realized the skill level and work ethic displayed by JRD and acquired an interest in the company. The team became the in-house R&D and custom car builder.

Aside from the Panoz cars, JRD has kept adding to its portfolio of custom cars. JRD's clients are professional athletes, recording artists, business executives and movie stars. JRD differ from other tuning outfits in the way that they are fundamentally coach builders. This means that JRD can build a car from scratch, if desired, and together with the rest of the Panoz power house of technology can offer uncontested services.

Over the past few years, Johan and Niclas have recaptured their interest in the sport of rallying. Engineering, design and construction of rally and rallycross cars has become an exciting addition to the JRD business. The wealth of experience within the team means they are dynamic and progressive in their approach and JRD has enjoyed national success and multiple podiums.

JRD now has four major directions:

  • Official tuner of Panoz vehicles

  • Panoz in-house R&D and support arm

  • Ultra high-end restoration shop and custom coach builder for high end vehicles

  • World class rally and rallycross race vehicle design, construction and preparation